Terms and conditions – Tobias Ehlig ApS

Tobias Ehlig ApS is referred to below as “TE”.


Prices for publishing articles with links appear in the Excel sheet sent.

Prices are for publication of articles. They do not include text constitution. I do not offer this service.


It is permitted to link to all types of websites in the articles, as long as what is linked to is legal. However, links to websites within special niches such as loans, casino, betting, gambling, crypto, erotica, dating and the like. be charged a fee of 100%, as the quantity of these links is thus limited. The price for links to these niches will therefore be “doubled up” (x2).


By default, only one customer domain may be linked per article, plus any relevant authority links. If several customer domains are linked in an article, a fee of 100% will be charged for each additional customer domain linked to. The price for an article with links to two customer domains will therefore be “doubled up” (x2).


Articles and links remain online as long as the websites are alive, even after a possible termination of the collaboration.


The articles published must be of reasonable quality and length, i.e. without significant linguistic or grammatical errors, and of a minimum of 300 words.

An image of reasonable relevance and quality is attached to all articles. This image may not be protected by any kind of copyright.

The articles must be in the language that matches the websites they are uploaded to, i.e. Danish on .dk domains, Swedish on se. domains, English on .com domains, etc. You may link to a domain that does not have the same TLD as the website being linked from, e.g. a link to a .se domain from a .dk website, but in that case the article must be in Danish.

Advertising marking

The word “Advertisement” is automatically inserted as an image file at the top of all articles, as this is required cf. the Marketing Act.


Invoicing takes place on the 1st of each month, when the previous month is settled.


TE’s websites are powered by WordPress. As a customer, you are provided with a unique login, which gives you access to publish articles on the websites. This login is personal and must not be given to anyone outside your organization.

The forwarded list of TE’s websites must not be forwarded to anyone outside your organisation. However, selected domains may be shown to potential customers as part of an offer. Neither the whole nor parts of the list may be published anywhere, i.e. neither in Facebook groups, in online forums or the like.